I am a woodworker. My business revolves around designing custom made wooden showpieces for home décor. It is almost every day that I receive an order of some unique pattern that requires a lot of meticulous motifs.

Executing such designs successfully obviously needs an artistic hand but a lot of it depends on the machines too. Choosing a scroll saw that works well with your hands and helps you craft the perfect model is paramount.

I had such a companion, an older version of the WEN scroll saw. But when it couldn’t perform the way I wanted it was time for me to move on. Being a loyal customer of WEN, I preferred going with some of its new scroll saws.

I figured that the WEN 3920 16 INCH Scroll Saw was right for me. I bought it off amazon.com the very next day. It has been a year since our marriage and till now everything has been nothing but great. For individuals who are confused, here is a WEN 3920 Scroll Saw Review. I will focus mainly on its features, pros, and cons of the scroll saw.



  • For all the features the WEH 3920 provides its pricing is very competitive.
  • It helps you with dual options of working with pinned and pin-less blades.
  • The cast iron built prevents vibrations.
  • Changing in between speeds is also very easy. The knob twists and turns swiftly to increase or decrease speed.
  • With all the dust and fragments from the wood, keeping your workplace clean becomes increasingly difficult. Thanks to WEH 3920, its adjustable air pump clean your work station in no time.
  • The attached LED light is a big help for precision workers. It increases the accuracy and helps the designer develop a better piece.
  • Finding a place for your blades after you are done working can be tricky. The WEH 3920 is designed to hold blades. If you got a couple of blades in your hood, there are always spaces in the scroll saw to storage and quick accessibility.
  • To prevent shakes and topples the scroll saw is fitted with a hold down clamp. It sticks to the work table and dramatically reduces any kind of unnecessary moments.
  • Not only standard cutting position but this scroll saw provides a 90-degree cutting position. This is great when working with pinned blades delivering infinite ripping capacity.
  • The weight of the saw is seemingly low and fixes on the work table petty easily.
  • If you encounter any issues with the scroll saw during its warranty period, the customer service is quick to respond and provides useful directions for recovery.




  • Mounting the blades on the scroll saw can take up to a few
  • Does not come with add on blades.
  • The design is very basic.
  • The plate attached to the scroll saw is plastic and easily comes off if you work too hard on the wood.
  • The plastic knob that controls the speed can rip off if used continuously on high speed.
  • As the product is cheap a lot of the materials used to build this scroll saw is imperious in quality. Such example is the blade holder that is made out of pot metal which is not very good at holding the blades at very high speed.
  • The LED light tail is short, does not reach the bottom. Additionally, if you light it from the sides it will cast a shadow on the cutting lines.
  • You cannot choose to keep the scroll saw off and the lamp on. If the saw is off the lamp won’t work too.
  • While using a pin-less blade, adjusting the saw blades in alignment can be very difficult.

WEN 3920 : Complete Review

I always believe that a customer should know about a company’s background before he goes on to buy their products. WEN started its tools and electronics manufacturing process in 1952. With their sole idea of producing and distributing high quality and affordable power tools to households.

Its major production includes drill presses, tool chests, bench grinders, nailers, miter saws, hand tools, generators, and air compressors and more. In the currentscenario, WEN has successfully managed to sell over 50 million customer units. 


  • A Tilting Table with 16-inch Depth
  • Applies Pinned and Pin fewer Blades
  • Cast Iron Base
  • Variable speed can be adjusted by a knob, ranges anywhere from 550 to 1600 strokes per minute
  • Adjustable Air Pump
  • Flexible LED Work Light
  • Onboard Blade Storage
  • Hold Down Clamp
  • Standard and 90-degree cutting positions.
  • 24 x 11 x 13 inches in overall dimension
  • 26 pounds of total weight.
  • Bare-Tool included
  • Measures in inches
  • Two-Year Warranty
  • Motor: 120 Volts, 60 Hz, 1.2Amps
  • Can cut wood as thick as 2 inches with a 16-inch throat depth when using it in the standard position


The WEN 16 Inch Scroll Saw is a powerful and affordable tool. For beginners who are looking to develop their saw skills, this could be a very good power too. It is also a preferred instrument for woodworkers who handle very meticulous designs.

Accepted that there are some drawbacks of the scroll saw but through a few quick steps, you can overcome such drawbacks. One such example would be using a table lamp instead of the LED light. You’ll have to be extra careful with changing the blades too, slowly when you gain a good hand on the product you can use it swiftly.

Be careful with any scroll saw you use. Make sure you mount the saw carefully on your work station for decreased movements and vibrations. Whenever you encounter issues with WEN scroll saws, specifically WEN 3920 16 INCH Scroll Saw contact the customer care and get your product exchanged which they do if your issue is genuine and your saw is in warranty period.

The WEN 3920 Review has come to an end. For any questions or queries, you can always reach out to us or drop a comment down below.