As a woodworker I have always preferred scroll saws over power jigsaws, simply because of their ability to produce better and more delicate cuts. I have been using DEWALT DW788 scroll saw for more than a year now. Following is my take on the DEWALT DW788 scroll saw. Its features, pros and cons and also is it the best scroll saw by Dewalt? Let’s find out.

DEWALT DW788 scroll saw – Features

  • The DW788 20” is equipped with tool-free blade clamps.
  • Double parallel- link arm design.
  • On-off switch, dust blower, electronic variable speed attached at front upper side of the scroll saw.
  • The arm design allows perpendicular suspension of the blade that reduces the chances of overcut.
  • Oversized, cast- iron table for material support and bevels 45 degrees.
  • Motor at 1.3 amps rating with 120V.
  • Can produce 400-1,750 cutting strokes per minute.
  • Weighs in at 56 lbs.
  • CSA approved, U.L listed and standardized with OSHA.
  • The attached shaft is flexible with a length of around 22 inches.
  • Electronic speed controller.


  • Three years of limited period warranty with one year of free servicing.
  • 90 days of money back guarantee if you happen to find an issue with the device.
  • The arm’s design is a big contributor in controlling vibrations and allows you to work without errors.
  • Since all the controls are on the front side of the Dewalt DW788 scroll saw, operating them while working is pretty easy.
  • Has a powerful 1.3 amp motor that works faster and provides accurate results.
  • A feature like blower is an add-on that comes in very handy especially for wood working.
  • The packaging comes with 2 blades, so initially you won’t need to invest in blades.


  • Scroll saws are costly and so is the Dewalt DW788 scroll saw.
  • The saw is heavy, so one should be extra careful while handling it.
  • The size of the machine’s work table should be considered before buying it; you’ll need to redesign your table accordingly.
  • Does not work optimally with other thick materials.
  • Very accurate for curves but unfortunately not a great selection for straight cuts.
  • The pre packed blades are not of a very good quality, I would suggest you buy separate sets of blades before you commence work.

So, as the DEWALT DW788 review say’s, the product is excellent for woodworking but not so great for other materials. Personally, I feel this one is the best Dewalt scroll saw for me. As I said, I have been using this saw for more than a year now and hardly has it ever troubled me. I bought it off of amazon at a discounted price and I would recommend you do the same. Remember to wear your protective gears and get to working.