If you are looking for the best digital calipers in 2019 then you have come to the right place. I have put together the best digital caliper reviews 2019 for you below. My entire article is geared to give you the total fact sheet of the best calipers available online.

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Digital calipers are tools used for measuring items. And, in fact it has been an architect’s friend for centuries. Dating back to ancient Greece. I have reviewed the best digital calipers for precision, reworking, woodwork and more.

Giving you a total outlook on what is available right now in the market. That way before you set out to work you have all your information in one place. And end up making the right buy.

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7 Best High Precision Digital Calipers 2019

Gone are the day when you would need to squeeze your eyes and meticulously look at the Vernier caliper to get the perfect judgment of a measurement. More advanced, precise and easy to use digital calipers have widely replaced the traditional vernal calipers. Especially, with the growing demand for these in the global market new brands are emerging every other day. For consumers, it has become significantly impossible to find a reliable, affordable and durable digital caliper. Well, not just one let’s review all the top precision calipers in the market currently.

Neiko Digital Caliper : Features, Pros & Cons

Neiko Digital Caliper review

image source : amazon.com

The new Neiko caliper is a digital caliper cut out of stainless steel. The packaging includes a blow molded hard plastic box along with the digital caliper. Here are some features of the product in the spotlight.


  • Stainless Steel body

The calipers body is molded out of stainless steel giving it extra tensile strength and resistance. calipers not only measure lengths and widths but also depths which might include submerging it in chemicals or water sometimes. Hence, the rust-resistant feature of the stain steel compliments the caliper. With the caliper being a small, portable device there are chances it might face a drop from time to time, the metal is not brittle thus covering falls easily.

  • LCD panel

Neiko caliper comes with a six-inch LCD display. The feature delivers accurate measurement. When the jaws of the caliper slide across scale the numeric value change depending on the jaws current position giving you a precise reading. Moreover, it’s a time saver. While you would spend minutes getting the right measurement on a vernier caliper, Neiko’s large LCD display does it in seconds.

  • Three Measuring Modes

No need to add an extra device for converting your inches to millimeters and factions. The display panel has a dedicated button to change modes. Neiko comes with built-in interchangeable modes. Now, drift through your measurements and do conversions quicker than ever.

  • Measure in four ways

The digital caliper allows four distinguished ways to calculate all your measurements. Specifically, the outside, step, depth and inside diameter. This is helpful in measuring watches, screws, bars, nuts, bolts and more such objects.

  • Precision

While not many calipers can promise a high accuracy, Neiko does that with an astonishing precision of 0.02mm, quiet appreciatable for digital caliper standards. With devices like these that are more accuracy based let alone anything else, it is crucial for companies to deliver meticulous measurements. Neiko comes very close to providing an extremely accurate result. The large LCD display on the device really flatters the accuracy.


You know your money is in the right place when the product can offer such discrete features. The stainless steel body promises a long and sustainable life of the caliper. The LCD panel is six inches, big enough to gather minute measurements. The hard case promises better protection to your Neiko caliper. Moreover, the accuracy rates are better than many digital calipers out there in the market. The overall look is very premium making it visually appealing which as a matter of fact is a thing right now.


Life cannot be all sunshine and rainbows. The caliper has some noticeable flaws. The stainless steel bodies tend to have sharp edges, if you work closely with the device there are chances you might hurt yourself. The LCD panel is dependent on technology to drive it, you never know when it might crash. If there is a misrepresentation of the measurements you might not be able to catch it until you manually check the calculations yourself.

Mitutoyo Digital Caliper

Mitutoyo Digital Caliper review

image source : amazon.com

Another one of the leading digital caliper providers Mitutoyo is a 500-196-30 Advanced Onsite Sensor (AOS) Absolute Scale Digital caliper. The packaging of this digital caliper includes an electronic caliper, SR44 batteries and a hard plastic molded case for protection. Features of the device are as follows.


  • Tracking

This is the highlight feature of the caliper. The Mitutoyo digital caliper stores your last reading or origin point and stars where you left off. Now, you don’t have to go all the way back to zero. Start anywhere, anytime. With just a click of the button start taking a reading in no time. Taking breaks in the middle of calculations is now easier with this feature.

  • Advanced Onsite Sensor

With the digital caliper being used on various professional grounds be it science labs or aeronautics, it is possible for dust, debris, water and more to enter the display body of the caliper. Once the display is damaged the caliper remains of no use. Hence, the advanced onside sensor (AOS) takes a step further and protects the caliper from potential damages.

  • Precision

The Mitutoyo caliper takes a leap ahead and places it accurate up to 0.01mm. For what the instrument is used for Mitutoyo makes sure that it keeps no stones unturned. A perfect blend of technology and precision is packed in this digital caliper.

  • The dedicated on/ off switch

Many digital calipers don’t bother providing an extra power switch. What happens? You wake up too exhausted batteries in urgent times. Hence, the Mitutoyo caliper is advanced with a dedicated on/off switch. So, turn your device off after every use and stretch your calipers battery life.

  • Measure in more than one unit

Mitutoyo measure in three distinct units namely, inches, millimetres, and faction, each being equally important than other. Just a simple click of the button on the display panel and you will find yourself shifting into different unit modes.


If the features were not enough, the pros will surely make Mitutoyo one of your top picks in calipers. AOS technology is new and really delivers what the customer needs- protection from external dirt, water, etcetera getting into the display and destroying the caliper.  Also, the large LCD display, surely useful for someone who has been using a Vernier caliper for a while now. Furthermore, you no more need to go all the way back to zero to start your calculations. Just a click and start from where you left the jaws.


Yes, there are some flaws in the device. Firstly, the pricing, it’s through the roof. After all its a digital caliper, with such kind of price tag users have to think twice before going for it. Plus, there are chances of the device getting damaged with falls, especially the display. Lastly, the body is not strong enough and prone to scratches and overall damage.

VINCA Electronic Digital caliper

VINCA Electronic Digital caliper review

image source :- amazon.com

VINCA, a company with over 30 years of experience in producing high-quality calipers. It’s new accurate, durable and technologically advanced VINCA Electronic digital caliper is among the top calipers in the market currently. The packaging incorporates; a hard molded plastic case, a digital caliper,and extra batteries.

Product Features

  1. Service

What makes the VINCA caliper stand apart from the crowd is its 24*7 customer service. I mean think about it, with electronic gadgets like these, getting a hold of them can sometimes be confusing. Moreover what if the display suddenly stops? There are many such instances where customer care can come in handy. VINCA promises a reply in seconds when you register a query with them.

  • Auto-Off Technology

Individuals who use the digital caliper know that it’s not uncommon to forget switching it off post use. Leading to instrument damage and shrunken battery life, a simple slip of the mind can be harsh for your caliper. VINCA digital caliper comes with auto off feature. So, when you forget to switch it off, it shuts itself down soon.

  • Stainless Steel body

The black stainless steel body not just looks sleek but also protects the caliper from various dust, water, and other external damages. The metal can withstand extreme weather conditions. The product is useful across industries, hence durability is one of the larger parameters on which it is meticulously measured.

  • Precision test

Not a direct feature, but VINCA tests each of its digital caliper for maximum accuracy. It is a compulsion for instruments such as the caliper to be extremely precise, sometimes entire dynamics of a machine is depended on microscopic measurements that users rely on digital calipers to take. Hence, it is God to know that VINCA tests its instruments thoroughly before distributing.

  • Four-way measurements

Most common yet a necessary feature, the VINCA is designed to deliver four-way measurements. External measure Calibration, Internal measure Calibration, Depth measure Calibration and Step measure Calibration in specific.


Overall, the design and build quality of the product is efficient. The large LCD panel supports the better judgment. Also, it falls in the right price range for a digital caliper. Having a 24*7 service line is very convenient and helpful at times. 30 years of VINCA’s experience in caliper production makes it a reliable pick as opposed to another caliper manufacturing companies.


Most of the functions are to do with a click of the button, if it were to get damaged, the device would be futile. Continuous drops can develop scratches on the LCD panel and damage the device internally. Being an electronic device it is crucial to keep it well maintained.

If you are looking for a mid-range caliper for daily use the VINCA electronic digital caliper should be your go-to option.

GlowGeek Electronic Digital caliper

GlowGeek Electronic Digital caliper

image source :- amazon.com

One of the most affordable digital calipers in the market, the GlowGeek Electronic digital caliper perfectly sits in the precision measuring instrument category. The package comes with a set of batteries and the digital caliper. Among many others, let’s look at some of its key features and find out why it can be the best pick for your lab?


  • Body

The stainless steel body aids for better protection and damage reduction. Stainless steel does not corrode hence, measurements in water and other solutions is not a problem. The metal can withstand a high level of atmospheric changes. Thus, from an educational institute to a lab in the deserts, it can be employed in many situations.

  • Fitting

With so many buttons and slider on the caliper, continuous pressing and sliding can lead to damages. Well, it’s not the case with this device, GlowGeek caliper is precision fit making sure that the jaws slide smoothly every time you move them across the caliper. This might not seem a big deal but when it comes down to actual operations a minute movement in the slider can manipulate readings.

  • Measuring options

The orange colored, stainless steel instrument comes with three measuring options- inches, metric and faction. When dealing with varied measurements it is crucial to have separate measuring options. The feature saves a bunch of time and calculations. With just a click of the button, change from one unit to another and calculate hassle free.

  • Display

In the price range that the caliper is, it provides a very competitive LCD display. Yes, getting those microscopic measurements on a big LCD panel is a sign of relief for many users. The Glow Geek Digital caliper comes with an extra large (1/2″x1 1/2″ (13mm x 38mm) display.

  • Auto-off Feature

On many occasions, the digital caliper is left unattended. Especially in places like educational institutions where students generally neglect turning of the calipers. The auto off technology comes very handily on these occasions. The LCD display turns off automatically after a while saving battery power.


The GlowGeek calipers are accurately priced and perfectly positioned, especially for ones just started using a caliper. At an affordable rate, GlowGeek provides all the functions that a high-cost caliper would do. It has an accuracy of up to 0.02mm, a very demanding feature in Vernier calipers. Large LCD display counts for better reading and overall calculations. The orange and black color divides the caliper profoundly, making it easier for users to get better judgments. Plus a year-long warranty and customer care service is a bonus for every GlowGeek buyer.


Nothing is perfect. The GlowGeek also has some flaws. With just 1 year of warranty, it is difficult to trust the products durability. Various companies provide warrants from 3 all the way to 5 years. The display is prone to scratches and damage. No dedicated power button means you never know when the caliper might just run out of gas.

If you are a starter or someone who is shifting to a digital caliper from a vernier caliper, GlowGeek could be your best pick.

iGaging ABSOLUTE ORIGIN Digital Electronic Caliper

iGaging ABSOLUTE ORIGIN Digital Electronic Caliper

image source :- amazon.com

A more advanced caliper among many digital calipers out there, an iGaging digital caliper is an elite precision instrument. The packaging includes a hard molded plastic case, a user guide, batteries, and an electronic caliper. Following are its features.


  • IP54 Protection

The imaging digital caliper comes certified with IP54 protection i.e. it prevents external objects to penetrate into the display, water resistance and working smoothly under extreme weather condition. A must-have feature especially for the once performing measurement in extreme hot or cold environments.

  • Stainless Steel Body

An extra layer of protection is added with lapped stainless steel. Preventing corrosion and external damage, the feature compliments its certification of IP54 approved. The body can also take continuous falls and work impeccably in harsh conditions like high altitude and warm weather.

  • USB output

As I mentioned, a more technically driven caliper, the iGaging digital caliper comes with a USB slot. Now, you can connect your caliper to your computer using a simple SPC cable and view all your measurements, quite an extraordinary feature for a caliper.

  • Battery

The caliper consumes comparatively less power and promises an extended life of up to 2 years of the battery is used in normal circumstances. I personally prefer a long lasting battery life since I use my digital caliper on a daily basis and would not want to find myself investing in batteries again and again.

  • LCD Panel

Yes, the LCD panel comes equipped with actual sensor securing the overall panel from any kind of external damage. The display is extra large and gives better viewing angles. Compactable and easily movable across the scale, the panel makes for one of the dominant features.


Durable and precise the IP54 certification is a confidence booster for many users. USB slot helps data gathering better and negates calculation mistakes. 2 years warranty on the product is again a bonus and just show how confident the markers are of their products. The large LCD panel and smooth sliding function with thumb lock provide an overall supportive user experience. With all these features on hand, the users know that it’s worth the money they send.


The product is not for everyone. It is priced at a more premium level. Normal daily caliper users may have to think twice before buying one. It is made out of stainless steel that can cause damages to the human body if not handled carefully. A few drops and the display might just begin to manifest incorrect measurements, the reason being the panel and its design that is meticulously brought together.

The device is for individuals at a more advanced level, who use caliper for extremely advanced calculations.

FineSource Electronic Digital Caliper

FineSource Electronic Digital Caliper

image source :- amazon.com

What better than an affordable, precise digital caliper that completes your toolbox. A finesource electronic digital caliper is another one of those highly recommended calipers currently. The packaging included a hard molded case, a guidebook, batteries, and an electronic digital caliper. Let’s shine some light upon the key features of this product and understand how this can be your daily driver.


  • Display

The FineSource caliper is equipped with a wide LCD display. Very useful and highly demanded the display makes the world of a difference for users who have to narrow their eyes down and focus impeccably to get the right measurement. It is an underrated feature found very helpful with calipers.

  • Set Zero Anywhere

Start where you stopped. Reset anywhere with this new feature that supports setting back to zero at any point on the scale. Extremely helpful while calculating various measurements like depth, height, and width while measuring watches, jewelleries, nuts and other objects. You’ll find this function on the display panel next to power button, a simple press on the button and the numbers on the display fall back to zero.

  • Composite Body

Unlike stainless steel on other calipers, FineSource comes molded out of carbon fiber. How does it help? It makes the diaper easier to move and carry around in pockets and bags. Where stainless steel can damage your pockets and bags, the carbon fiber body prevents that from happening.

  • Measuring Modes

Easier conversion of units from inches to metric and fractions. Hence, you’ll no longer need an extra pair of calculators for conversions. Saving a lot of time, these features proves to be quiet helpful.

  • Power Button

No automatic power offs anymore while performing calculations. The FineSource caliper has a dedicated power button on the display panel. This preserves battery life and accounts for better functioning of the caliper.


Very affordable and sits right into anyone’s budget, FineSource digital caliper is a grab.  The display is clear and easy to read. Multiple measuring modes and versatility is also a convenient feature. Moreover, the carbon fiber body makes the instrument portable, slides right into any of our pockets. Overall, a device worth investing for daily use.


Accuracy is not so great. Precision is the most demanded feature in a caliper, FineSource is accurate but not as accurate as many others in the market. Unlike stainless steel, carbon fiber body is prone to scratches and dust penetration. Maintenance cost is involved. Yes, for batteries to constant check on the mechanics of the caliper, there is a maintenance cost attached to the caliper for as long as it lives.

The product is useful for educational purposes and daily use to measure small objects. The price is right for the product, efficient for beginners.

Carrera Precision Titanium Electronic Fractional & Decimal Digital Caliper

Carrera Precision Titanium Electronic Digital Caliper

image source :- amazon.com

Wondering what could be stronger than a stainless steel body? Well, Carrera electronic caliper is molded in Titanium. The packaging includes a hard plastic case, a small screwdriver, and the digital caliper. Here are some key features of Carrera Precision Titanium Electronic caliper.


  • Titanium Alloy heads and Stainless Steel body

Making it extra durable, the titanium alloy heads and stainless steel body makes the caliper a choice for the professionals. Water resistance, dust resistance, stronger overall body and more, the Carrera caliber stands apart from the crowd of general calipers. It also comes in handy for use in extreme weather conditions and temperatures.

  • Power Button

Carrera digital calipers come with a dedicated power button. It saves more power and promises longer battery life. With other calipers you might just wake up to a dead battery one fine day. It’s not the same with Carrera. Understanding the customer demands Carrera’s power button is one of a most useful and indirect feature of the caliper.

  • Accuracy

The most important feature on a Vernier caliper. The higher the accuracy the most efficient a digital caliper is found. Carrera digital caliper is accurate up to 1/1000th of an inch, pretty impressive and band on. Especially for individuals in the aeronautical and automobile field, it becomes peculiar to have most precise judgment.

  • Display

An LCD display with better viewing angles and extra protection. The display is large enough to accurately depict measurements. When it comes down to digital calipers, it is an absolute necessity to have a true display, Carrera provides the same.

  • Measurement techniques

More than four ways to measure. Listed, inside-outside, depth and step from 0 to 6 inches and three measuring units- inches, metric and fraction. Carrera digital caliper is a 360-degree precision measuring tool.


Perfectly calibrated caliper, from the stainless steel body to overall design, Carrera perfectly fits the bill. The large LCD panel provides better viewing angles. Moreover, the package also comes with a 30-day satisfaction guaranteed. Also, a set zero button to start your calculations anywhere on the scale. The device is overall compact, easy to use and handy.


Firstly, the titanium heads make the caliper heavy and less portable. Also, the price is quite high for a caliper, not meant for daily users. With the digital caliper you are dependent on technology i.e it can give up on you anytime. Maintaining the device is another task and an investment. Few falls can also lead to scratches and damage to the LCD panel.

The Carrera digital caliper is designed for professionals and individuals with a thorough knowledge of a digital caliper.

So, if you were looking for a high precision digital caliper? These were the top seven choices you can narrow down to followed by choosing the one that perfectly fits your bill.

Now, coming to other portion of the digital caliper reviews 2019.

Best Digital Calipers for Reloading

If we talk about precision, we talk about Vernier calipers, especially the new age digital calipers. Vernier calipers haven’t seen much of a change since its inspection. However, with progression in technology, Vernier calipers became digitized. Amongst the various usage of vernier calipers, one is its use for reloading.

The reloading digital calipers are particularly useful in the military and other sectors where there is a heavy requirement for precision while reloading ammo. Here are top picks of digital calipers for reloading.

  • Mitutoyo 500-474 Digital Calipers

Mitutoyo manufactures one of the finest digital calipers for reloading, Its features include:

  1. The digital caliper measures the external dimensions including width, length, thickness and outside diameter.
  2. Made of stainless steel rather than carbon fiber or plastic. Since stainless steel can withstand digressions better than the others. (plus they have a longer shelf life, it is always better to go with Stainless steel)


The digital caliper has a longer shelf life for it is build out of stainless steel. The large display counts for an accurate readings. Overall the caliper is accurate for reloading purpose.


The thing with Mitutoyo digital calipers is that they are not perfect. There have been instances where a single drop of the caliper has altered the readings on the digital display. The price is too high for a caliper, not everyone could afford it.

  • EAGems Digital Caliper

EA is another one of those precision calipers that fits right into your budget. Here is a look at its features:

  1. Since we are measuring various dimensions, it is crucial that the perfect caliper for reloading can measure in various units including inches and millimetres and Hornady does that.
  2. Comes with a solid molded case for extra bit of protection.
  3. Water resistant: It is always better to have water resistance when you are dealing with any electronic item. The display is protected with the same.


The caliper is right for its budget. One doesn’t have to think twice before going for EA’s caliper. The protective case is a must with calipers.


With reloading, precision is key. If the measurement doesn’t match, there might be misconceptions while reloading. A lot of individuals tend to shift towards traditional verniercalipers or micrometers all together just because of the lack of precision in these calipers. Or they tend to keep one of these handy with the digital caliper just to reconfirm the data.


Last but not the least iGaging is another one of those brands that manufacture calipers for reloading purpose. Its features include:

  1. Absolute Memory technology: once you set the caliper to its position, it records the details automatically and stores the position.
  2. Accuracy:  With an accuracy of 0.0001”, the caliper is amongst the most accurate ones.


iGagingcaliper is IP54 water resistant so you know your display is always protected. High power barriers comes with a life of 2 years. Overall for the budget the caliper is a grab.


The plastic display is prone to damage. Since, the display is mostly plastic and is driven by technology, once your caliper starts giving issues you cannot repair it, you’ll have to buy a new one.

Best Digital Calipers for Woodworking

One of the most common profession for which calipers have been used for a while now is wood working. Woodworkers use digital calipers to get their cuttings perfect. Principally the caliper comes in very handy, when woodworkers create their jigs, make fences and build wood runners for their cutting work. Let’s throw some light upon the best calipers for Woodworking.

Figuring out which is the best caliper for your shelf? Stop scratching your head. Here is a count of the top calipers for woodworking. Use the list to narrow down your search. Each of the calipers mentioned will have its pros, cons and features. Choose the caliper that fits your bill.

  • MeasuGator Lambda Digital Caliper

MeasuGator has been producing calipers for woodworking for quite some time now. It’s primary features include:

  1. Their use in marking wooden pieces. The stainless steel body not only accounts for a stronger build quality but also proves to be beneficial for marking. Not a very direct implication of the caliper, the jaws can be used to mark the pieces of wood post measurement.
  2. Automatic on/off. Now, you don’t have to worry about turning off your caliper with this feature of MeasuGator.


The caliper comes with extra batteries hence, you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries for a long time. Comes with a large LCD display which is always good for taking accurate reading. Overall the calipers fits just right.


Specific to the woodworking use, the woods expand and contact with changes in temperature and overall external weather. Hence, if you take the perfect measurement in winter, the readings might change in the summer, not completely, but slightly, slightly enough for a significant difference in overall measurements.

  • GlowGeek Electronic Digital Caliper

Equipped with extra large display, Glowgeek has features that compliment woodworking. Here are some of its highlight features.

  1. Stainless steel body makes the caliper durable and unsusceptible to dust. Also, makes the caliper lightweight and easy to carry.
  2. The large display of 6” provides better viewing angle and overall accuracy in reading measurement.


The Precise fit slide accounts for a smoother movement of the jaws, various measuring options and enlarged display makes the caliper perfect for accurate measurements.


The stainless steel body has sharp edges that can hurt when working closely with the caliper. The caliper runs on batteries means it can go off without any warnings.

  • Clockwise Tools DCLR-1205 Electronic Digital Caliper

One of the most known calipers for woodworking, Clockwise digital caliper’s features include:

  1. Measurement in metric, inch and fractions. When taking measurement for different dimensions, this features falls just in the right place.
  2. Four separate measuring options. The caliper allows measurements of depth, length, width and external diameters.


The caliper is water and dust resistant with IP54 making it less vulnerable to dust and water. Also, the caliper has better accuracy than most of the calipers in the market.


Keeping a check on the jaws is crucial.  The ends used to take measurements, jaws on the calipers go through a lot. Check for scratches or visible gaps between the two ends of the jaws. Maintenance cost is a variable one must has to consider before buying the caliper.

If you are careful with your digital caliper it will run with you for a long time. With all its functionalities and usage, the digital caliper is a 360 degree tool.

Digital Calipers Under $100

Digital calipers come with a range of rates. The calipers are being tweaked with new features every other day and so the hike in their rates. Well, if you consider a caliper packed with all the necessary features, it might be for professionals of a particular industry but not for you. As someone who is a daily user of the digital caliper you need something not too basic but at the same time comes under your budget. Here is a short list for your immediate reference.

  • VINCA DCLA-0605 Quality Electronic Digital Vernier

Amongst the cheapest, VINCA electronic digital calipers have the following features:

  1. The large display: all electronic calipers are designed for a better viewing angle hence, the large display so that you can note the most accurate results.
  2. Auto off features:  for when you forget to turn off your caliper. The feature resists battery drainage and assistants longer battery life.


Four separate options to measure dimension, three different measuring units and a strong stainless steel body, the caliper is a grab for the price.

  •  MeasuGator Lambda Digital Caliper

Slightly on the higher end of the spectrum but with features that are on point. MeasuGator digital caliper key features are:

  1. Stainless steel body: Durable and long lasting, stainless steel is perfect metal for calipers. The metal aids in longer shelf life and resistance from dust and scratches on the caliper
  2. Zero setting on any posting. The feature is a perk of the electronic caliper. Now, reset to zero at any position for prolonged measurement.


Although the price is slightly higher, the caliper comes with add on equipment including a screw driver, feeler gauge and a protective case. Making it bang for the bucks.


If you drop your digital caliper, you might just have to look for a new one. Yes, the display on the calipers are weak and cannot stand harsh falls. A couple of drops and either the display might just fall apart or the caliper reading might just read wrong. Many professionals who utilise digital calipers on a daily basis also keep a micrometer or a vernier caliper handy just to make sure the reading of the digital calipers match.

  • Aickar Digital Caliper, Stainless Steel Electronic Digital Caliper

Last in the least but best in the $100 range of calipers. Features include the following

  1. Large easy to read display- the display on Aickar digital caliper gives precise readings and is big enough for reading measurements.
  2. Accuracy- the caliper had an accuracy of 0.0005 inches making it one of the most accurate calipers in this range.


6 inch stainless steel frame, IP54 dust and water protection and various other features makes it a top choice in the $100 category of verniercalipers. The hard case that comes with the caliper makes sure that thrcaliper is unharmed.


The digital display is prone to breakage after few drops. Has to be regularly cleaned and calibrated for accurate readings. Cannot be carried loose in pocket or bad due to the sharp edges of stainless steel frame.

Now that we know what a digital caliper is and why is it better than a vernier caliper? With an electronic caliper, we just need to be extra careful. Here is a list of top calipers under $100. Each caliper will have its own pros, cons and features. Before you get your next caliper, have a look at the list to narrow down your choices.

Best Digital Caliper Brands

Now, that I have covered most of the utility calipers available online. Let’s see what the best digital caliper brands are. After all, it is an architect’s best friend and having the insight of the best brands help.

So, if you are in the industry that requires a lot distance measurements then having access to the top list of calipers are exactly what you would need.

Mitutoyo 6″ AOS Digital Caliper

Aickar 6″ Stainless Steel Digital Caliper

EAGems 6″ Stainless Steel IP54 Digital Caliper

iGaging 12″ Digital Caliper

Neiko 01407A 6″Stainless Steel Digital Caliper

MeasuGator 6″Safarium Digital Caliper

GlowGeek 6″Stainless Steel Digital Caliper

VINCA DCLA-0605 6″ Stainless Steel Digital Caliper

Clockwise Tools DCLR-1205 12″ Digital Caliper

With the above brands you can be assured of the best quality for all kinds of measuring requirements. Giving you the cutting edge flexibility and authentic durability.

How to Use a Digital Caliper

Have a look at the below image. I will explain step by step on the how-to’s of using a digital caliper.

Step 1

You need to ensure that the object you are measuring is clean.

Step 2

You will have to clean the precision tool to get the accurate result.

Step 3

Once you are done with the cleaning, turn on the machine and make sure the reading is at 0.000

Step 4

Press MN/IN to get the unit system you need.

Step 5

Now, press the button 0 to and set it at 0 again.

Step 6

Now you have to put the lower jaw on the exterior art of the object.

Step 7

Ensure that both the parts are against the exterior part of the object.


Now you have your accurate reading of the measurement with your digital caliper.


I hope my above article has helped you decide on which digital caliper suits you best. I have tried to give you an in-depth manual of how calipers work. Let me know in the comments section as to how your measuring turned out.